Sunday, 3 April 2011


My mother is very naughty. The other day a big box of yarn arrived from one of our suppliers, sent in error, but in between ringing to tell them and arranging to return it, she’d dived in and had a look through. Which if course is fatal, because she now has arranged to keep some of it, but can’t decide which, so I suspect she will end up keeping most of it. It’s yet to be determined whether it will be for personal use or actually to sell! Tut.

Lambing continues apace. We lamb around 500 ewes in the barn, and once they’ve lambed they go with their babies into a little pen for a day to get to know each other and so we can keep an eye on them. Then, out into the fields!

Family transportation is made much easier by use of the Lamb Pram. Here is one of our vet students demonstrating. It’s very hard to drive ewes and lambs because the ewes keep turning around to check where their babies are. If you move the lambs though, the mums will follow. You can make your own with some wheels off a broken wheelbarrow, some plyboard, some mesh netting, and a bit of pipe for the handle. Oh, and of course some bailer twine. Where would we be without bailer twine?

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